Hello! I’m Jodie. I’m happy to have a place to share what I’m working on and what I have been thinking about. In a world where a picture is worth a thousand words, and everyone has a thousand pictures, I think we still need some words, don’t you? Words with pictures, even better.

I like making things, and I hope to share many of those things here. I have lots of ideas, long lists of things that I’d like to try, but I often find I’m not making much progress on those. I hope sharing those things on this blog will be a little motivation for me to enjoy the process and the finishes.


I love color and pattern, which inspire most of what I do. Right now, I’m interested in sewing quilts and other little things. I started sewing in earnest in the latter half of 2012. I still have so much to learn.

Actually I tried making a quilt in 2006. I made one quilt top. It had a lot of triangles. It was pretty simple, but the imperfections of it all made me crazy! I ripped out the seams until the fabric frayed. My mom had someone else quilt it up for me, and I declared quilting was not for me.

But. Well, I do love fabric. Pretty! Colorful! Smooth! So in 2009, between having my two children, I made a few small quilts. They used pre-cuts and were from patterns found at Moda Bake Shop, home of free tutorials utilizing precut fabric. At that time, I was looking for ways to use my favorite fabric without buying much of it (why, really, buy fabric if you don’t sew with it? That’s what I asked myself, for awhile, anyway!). So I looked for tutorials that highlighted the fabric collections I wanted most, and copied them shamelessly! The pattern was secondary.


DSC_6239                  DSC_6227

These quilts have gotten a lot of use! They’ve been washed so many times and are super cuddly! But I still found the imperfections in my sewing exasperating, and having a newborn and a toddler was exhausting. I didn’t do a single thing outside of the baby world for at least two years (it was a sweet little world). I might have bought a teensy bit of fabric, but that was just for looking at. And patting. Pat, pat. Then a little over a year ago, I thought I might like to do something creative. A girl can only do so many dishes, laundry and diapers before she needs a creative outlet! Since then, I try to do something fun each day – or at least each week!


I’m working on my patience, and I’m trying to be okay with the imperfect.

I like scrappy quilts, for the most part. I love mixing the colors! Playing with color, playing with the fabrics, that’s my favorite part. I love so many colors, I’m not sure I have a favorite. I don’t love rusty or dusty, but pretty much anything else!


I enjoy taking photos too — mostly of my kids, crafty things, something pretty I saw on the ground, that kind of thing. I take a lot of blurry photos. One of my goals for this year is to improve on that!

I look forward to sharing stories and pictures of works in progress — and maybe some finished projects too!


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