Race to the Finish!

I have a few unfinished projects! I joined the Lovely Year of Finishes to encourage the completion of one UFO per month all year long, but even then…there will still be too many.

If I stay up a little late each night, just till the end of this month, I wonder how many of them could be finished? It would feel great to move on to February with a sense of accomplishment!

I’m going to list all the things that could, possibly, maybe be finished this month. Then we’ll follow up later to see how it went!

1. Quilt and bind the Big Star Quilt


2. Quilt and bind the Swedish Bloomtime Quilt



3. Catch up on the Quilty Fun Sew Along (at least 5 weeks’ worth of blocks). I’ve picked out the pretty fabrics!


4. Finish the Christmas quilt I was going to give my kids this past Christmas DSC_6332

5. Finish a pillow cover


6. Finish 2 art smocks I cut out ages ago

7. Make a Red Riding Hood that I’ve had on my table at least a year

8. Make 2 pairs of pajama pants that were supposed to be Christmas presents for my kids


(or, hey, 4 pairs if it’s easy)


9. Finish at least the top of a quilt I “gave” my parents for Christmas *ahem* last year

Wow. That’s a lot. It would be so nice to finish them all, but even finishing a few would help!


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