Pajama Pants!

It turns out, pajama pants are easy to make! So I went ahead and made four pairs. The only hard part was putting in the elastic. I might have made the casing a little small, or maybe the flannel is kind of thick, I don’t know. My hands were hurting for days!

All of the pajamas are made from organic fabrics from Cloud 9. The first two are made from organic flannel from the Fanfare collection. I love the little animals.


Before I made them, my daughter was wrapping the flannel over her pillow at night. I might have enough left to make a little pillowcase for her. That’s what she’d really like, I think.



The next two are made with organic cotton from the Goodnight Moon collection. My children like the book, and I let them pick out some of their favorite prints for their pajamas. The red is a little much for me, but my daughter loves it!



The bunnies on the other pair are so cute. Goodnight bunny!


This fabric is kind of growing on me. It would make a lot of cute baby gifts, and a copy of the book could be tucked in as well.

I used the Bedtime Story pajama pattern from Oliver + S. So simple! The pattern comes with a kimono-style top and pants — my girl is waiting for her matching shirt! Pajamas are supposed to be a set! She actually does not want to wear the pants until the shirt is ready. Goodness. I was not planning to make a shirt, but hey, I guess we’ll see!


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