A Year of Lovely Finishes – February Goal

I was thinking to join the Lovely Year of Finishes in earnest this year, but, unfortunately, I did not finish my January goal by the end of the month. There were ‘issues’ let’s say. I have finished it, just not in time.  I’ll show that quilt soon.

Anyway, I’m going to try again!

For February, I’m going to try to finish up a couple of baby quilts. A few baby girls are on their way to various friends and family. So here’s this month’s goal:



It’s a simple tumbler quilt and it is pink, pink, pink! It cannot be gifted to a pink-hater, that’s for sure. Got to choose just the right recipient. I made it last summer from Sarah Jane’s Out To Sea collection. I do love Sarah Jane fabrics, yep, sure do.

This just needs to be quilted and bound by the end of the month. I won’t leave it until the last day of the month like I did last time. Learned something!

Linking to a Lovely Year of Finishes.









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