Quilty Fun Sew Along Week 12

It’s week 12 of the Quilty Fun Sew Along. This week’s block is Tulips! One of my favorite spring things! If only it were spring already…

First a pile of things that go into the making. I added a few new fabrics. I got some real lovelies lately (more on that later, no doubt).


Here are the tulips!


These colors are just slightly different from the ones I’ve used in the other blocks so far. The colors are more spring than sunset. But my theory is that you should always include something that seems just a little bit wrong, so hopefully it will work in the overall layout.

I also finished up a few of the other blocks. Last week’s Honeycombs:


And the trees (I couldn’t make myself use only green!):


And my big favorite, Apples:



I really love that apple core!


One thought on “Quilty Fun Sew Along Week 12

  1. Love the trees and love, love, love the apples! The 3rd tree fabric especially shouts, “I wanna be a tree!” Great fabric choices, too. You are more of a risk taker than I am; I may have to start doing just a little with the “little bit wrong” color in my textiles.

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