A Little Pillow + What We’ve Been Up To

Well, I must say, it sure feels good to finish a few projects! Here’s one more of my January projects, a pillow in pink and green.


Yes, pink and green and a few adorable mice from Heather Ross’ Nursery Versery line. I just love those mice!


They are so sweet with their berries and bikes and babies.

So! While I like finishing things, I don’t think I can finish ten things every month. It felt necessary this time, to tie up so many loose ends, but honestly, making things takes a lot of time! I don’t always have much time. I had quite a mess on my hands by the end of the month. My kids loooove pulling their toys all over the house, but they won’t pick up independently. It takes as much time to get them to pick up their stuff as it does to pick it up myself. That is just to say, either way, it takes time!

Here are some of the other things we’ve been doing. Of course like many people, we’ve been under ice and snow. Kids love that stuff.


Made a igloo (half an igloo, really), tiny snowman, all that.


And we enjoyed the Chinese New Year.


Since we went out a lot that week, the only thing I made by way of celebratory foods was tea eggs. I’m not even sure they are celebratory, but hey, I like them. And they’re really easy. Just boil eggs, crack them all over, then simmer for hours in tea, spices and a little soy sauce. Fragrant and delightfully crackled looking! And they are super easy to peel by the time they’re done. Peeling eggs is always an exasperation for me, so this was a lovely change of pace.


We celebrated Groundhog’s Day with dirt dessert, which my son was excited about for days, but I didn’t take any pictures. It was pretty ugly. We enjoyed the Super Bowl with friends and lots of Korean-style chicken wings, a big, big favorite around here. And now it’s Valentine’s week! Heart-shaped bentos, cards and more fun all week. Love it.

Might not sew anything. Glad I got some stuff done last month!


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