Another Pillow + Another Snow Day

Last weekend I made a cute little pillow for a friend’s birthday. I’ve been resisting this “Hello, Tokyo” fabric, but it is just so cute with the little kokeshi-style girls and all the pink.


This is a cheater print, so I didn’t do any patchwork, just quilted along both sides of the lines. Makes for a very quick pillow! Luckily, last week there were many pillow tutorials on the blogs, so I used this method of backing the pillow and remedied my problem of gaping, too-small pillow backs. It takes quite a bit of fabric, but it looks nice.


My daughter, as usual, tried to claim this pillow as her own. I think I have enough to make her one of her own.



We have snow again, and the kids are off school again. They will probably be in school all summer! I can’t wait until all this snow goes away. I need to send my son outside to run around! But the snow we’ve had on the ground the past week or two has been deep and covered in ice. It’s not good for playing, it’s so slippery. Some people enjoy snow days as a time to get more sewing in, but that does not work for me. At 3 and 5, my kids love to pull toys all over the house and get into all manner of mischief. Can’t wait for spring.


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