Red Riding Hood

Here’s a project I’ve had on my table for quite a while. I got the fabrics ready at least a year ago. It’s a red riding hood from Oliver + S.


The outer part of the hood is probably some horrible synthetic fiber, I don’t know, it was all I could find at JoAnn’s that fit the bill. It looks kind of like a table cloth, but I think it works. The linig is another variety of kokeshi design (I just love those Japanese dolls). I like it in this kind of larger scale application.

DSC_6735 DSC_6736

My daughter is not accustomed to the fit of a cape (it just has slits for the hands, not really sleeves), but she likes it.

DSC_6613 DSC_6611

I like that the girl can wear it as a functional jacket in cool weather or just for playing dress up story time.

The kids did get outside on their two snow days last week. The snow is really deep. I haven’t seen this for awhile in this area! I don’t know if the school kids are going to loose their spring break or be in school in July. It’s been a lot of time off school. The sidewalks are not great yet. There is ice and a narrow path with deep snow on both sides. Crazy!


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