A Little Progress on the February Project

You remember the February Fabric Stack:


I have been thinking about what kind of a quilt to make with these lovely fabrics. Blues and purples and gray…my fabric stash is full of blues. I could make a whole quilt with tiny bits of a variety of blues, and it would be big! Purples, on the other hand, are not so well represented. I will probably use most of my purples in this quilt.


I was thinking of making a chevron quilt, but now I’m thinking a half-rectangle triangle quilt. I’m going to use this tutorial from the Modern Quilt Guild.


So far, I’ve cut the 5- by 7-inch rectangles. 8 yellows, 40 blues, 48 purples, and 96 gray/light colored ones.



I think just a little of the yellow wakes up the other colors, but I’m not sure yet if they will go into the final product. I’m not sure about the arrangement of colors, but I’m thinking it will be kind of random.



Planning to finish it up by the end of February!


2 thoughts on “A Little Progress on the February Project

  1. Your plan sounds pretty interesting to me; plus a color that is “a little bit wrong” as you advocate. The tutorial you linked to will be very helpful to me (and I can keep track of it on your blog). Thanks.

    About a possible chevron quilt–I have recently discovered a new quilt magazine, Fresh Quilts, Modern Sewing Fun. I found the premiere issue at Rite Aide and I went back and bought you one (coming soon in THE package) because of the amount of super cute ideas and patterns in it (including a “foxy” baby quilt and Sashiko placemats). Anyway, there is a really wonderful chevron quilt in there, by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, that I think will excite you as much as it did me. I’d like to do it in reds, aquas, and soft yellows. I will have to put away my knitting needles.

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