Pink Tumblers Baby Quilt

I wanted to finish up a baby quilt during February. Last week I finished three! How did that happen? One day, I got my husband to watch the kids AND go grocery shopping for me. Very nice daddy time for them. Nice, and rather rare, sewing time for me.


I had started all of them last summer. Today I’m going to share this pink tumbler quilt. The quilt top was finished last summer, so I just needed to quilt and bind it. It’s all finished and looks like a perfect fit for this little bed.


This quilt is made from Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea collection. I only used the pinks and grays.


The tumblers are basically a five-inch square trimmed to this parallelogram type tumbler shape and then sewn in rows. To me, they seem to flip flop up and down the quilt, creating some movement. It’s not hard, and it looks a little different from your standard square patchwork. I quilted to the side of each seam.


These fabrics are very cute: sailboats, pirates and mermaids mix with seaweed, anchors and stripes.


(There might be a little pucker on that mermaid block. Don’t tell. But hey, we’ve mostly got matching points here, right? So that’s nice!)


The backing is super sweet, a sea of whales and narwhals (the unicorn of the sea! I thought it was mythical but apparently it is a real arctic creature) on pale pink. The binding is a darker pink seaweed print.


I thought this might be a gift-able baby quilt, but my little lady has laid claim to it. Pink lover! Well, as I said, it does fit her bed nicely, doesn’t it. And it is very soft and cozy. I guess she can have it.


The finished size is approximately 40 inches by 50 inches. I’m linking to A Lovely Year of Finishes as a February finish. Yay for finished quilts! I’ll be back to share the other finishes soon.


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