A Big Star (or the quilt with all the issues)

I finished my big star quilt earlier this month. I put the top together sometime last year. It is a very, very simple pattern that comes together very, very fast. I used this tutorial. But it is a bigger quilt than I usually make, and with the simplicity of the design, I thought it needed more sophisticated quilting than I usually do. These two things made me hesitate to quilt it…and the months rolled by. Finally, I decided just to quilt it with straight lines about one inch apart.



I sent it outside with my husband and kids when they were going out to play. I took the pictures from an upper room of our house. I didn’t think I could manage both quilt and camera. (Really: I don’t like the snow, and it was deep!) The quilt looks small from that perspective, but actually it covers a full size bed. Buzz Lightyear and Rex enjoy jumping on it I guess, oops.


I like the colors in this quilt, so I was thinking of giving it to one of my cousins as a wedding gift. But, well, this quilt has issues! I think it will be staying home. It has some puckers, but after washing, that’s not really a biggie. There are bigger things, like this: I used a red backing. I didn’t pre-wash because I never pre-wash for quilting. But. Just after I finished quilting a hundred lines on it, I thought…this backing is red. Maybe I should have pre-washed it. And yep! It bled through in a few places! I tried a number of techniques, and a lot of it came out, but there is still some red visible on the solid blue area (perfect). But, what with the scrappy, low volume pink-and-white-and-beige background, the eye can kind of be tricked about the pink-on-blue. So not a super-biggie in the end.

BUT! Arg. I never mark lines for quilting, but this time, for the sake of straight lines with nowhere to hide, I marked the lines with a marker I use all the time without incident. This time there was incident. The marker didn’t come out of the red fabrics, even after all that soaking, etc. Of course, you should always test a marker before using it, but are you going to test it on all the fabrics in your patchwork? I doubt it. Let me help you out: if you’re using reds, you might want to test them out. So. Pity! This is a biggie! These marks are quite noticeable, and weird.

I guess my cousin is going to be getting a gift card instead of a quilt.


Still. It looks pretty against the snow. I think this is known as photobombing:


Apparently it is cozy in the snow as well. Anyone for a picnic? And it is full of favorite fabrics like this one:


Now for a gratuitous snowman photo, red-eyed snow critter made by my quilt photographing helpers:


And that is all I have to say about the big star with all the issues.


3 thoughts on “A Big Star (or the quilt with all the issues)

  1. All issues considered, I still think it is a wonderful quilt! I like it much more with the bright scrappy edge. Maybe there is still hope for a giftable quilt. What kind of stain removal solutions have you tried? I believe there has to be something “out there” that can rescue you from the “permanent” blue on red problem. I’ll search and let you know. I, too, learn things the hard way, and I have learned to always wash my quilt fabrics, even fat quarters (unless, of course, I need something tomorrow). However, the ones you MUST watch out for the most are red and dark blues (indigo dye). I learned this when strip piecing with antique quilt blocks, which I never would even think of washing first. Next project I use them for I will launder them by soaking in sudsy water in the sink. For future reference, you also need to test red embroidery floss when using on white, whether for a quite or picture. Get a bit of floss wet with hot water, and iron it dry on top of a washed and dried white scrap of fabric. I tried three brands once, and one did bleed, but not on an unwashed piece. Must be the sizing in new fabrics acts as a buffer sometimes

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