Quilty Fun Recent Progress

These fabrics are so yummy! I have been mixing them for the blocks of the Quilty Fun Sew Along, and they are pretty fun. In the Quilty Fun project, they mix with a lot of white, but I think they would also look good all mashed up together like in this stack.


Here are my blocks from the past few weeks of the sew along.

There is a line of four little leaves, up-close view pictured. They are quite sweet. I think I put the wrong size sashing on them, but I might wait until I put the whole thing together to fix that.


These are the Houses. One is a happy mouse house, one’s just happy.


And butterflies: these guys are the only signs of spring we have around here. Kind of love them.



There are only four weeks left in the Quilty Fun Sew Along. Next up is a line of sewing spools. I also need to catch up on some of the ones I missed from the early weeks, like spinning stars and flying geese. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all come together!

One last look at the fabrics.

DSC_6988 DSC_7012


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