Something New

What do you do when you’re in the middle of two quilts that need finishing? Cut out another! Make that two. And maybe even stitch them together! The lighting is horrible lately, so rainy all the time…


I’m still optimistic for some finishes this month, but the pretty stack I posted earlier in March has been calling my name for a long time. I didn’t do any sewing last week, but I cut out some pieces. Now, I’ve got the top done. I followed Maureen Cracknell’s herringbone quilt-as-you-go method. I’ll get you that link next time.


I’ll share more when it’s finished, but for now, I’m thinking about what kind of backing to use. I don’t really want to piece the backing. I’m thinking something quiet, maybe one of the white backgrounds from Wee Wander. Or other great choices from Wee Wander in the coral or fuchsia… I really love that collection, but Wee Wander is kind of new (read: not reduced in the shops). Hate to pay full price for backings.


Maybe something from Posy?


I’d really love to finish this up soon. Let me know what you think for a backing!



One thought on “Something New

  1. Lovely and lively quilt top! I agree; needs a mellow back. I’d take a white or cream (or light gray, perhaps) with soft oranges or yellow/green in a non-noun print. (nice for gender neutral). You could also make it largely solid with a off-center vertical banner of soft color.

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