A Sunny Herringbone Quilt

Hello, dear reader! How have you been? Great news. The herringbone quilt I showed a while back is finished!



I used a nice tutorial from Maureen Cracknell Handmade. Maureen made a gorgeous quilt using Anna Maria Horner fabrics last fall, and just as I was starting this quilt, I found she had made another one, also gorgeous. (I’m also hoarding AMH fabrics, but I haven’t thought of what I want to make with them. They are so pretty.)

Last fall I had put together the stack of fabric I used for this quilt. It was inspired by a vest my daughter had, which mixed these same colors — coral and fuchsia, blue and citron on a light background. There are about 200 strips in this quilt, and I cut them from about 100 different fabrics. All of these fabrics I had already stashed (I know, yikes!), although a few newly-stashed ones made their way in (like some favorites from Wee Wander…love them, love them. I might need more). Turned out kind of rainbow-y, but I like how it’s darker at the bottom and fades into the top, like a sunrise.


Maureen’s tutorial is easy to use and features a quilt-as-you-go method, where the strips are sewn directly on to long pieces of batting. Then the pieces of batting are sewn together. It comes together really fast. I’m thinking I might make a Christmas quilt with the same method, utilizing a couple jelly roll precuts I have lying around.

In the end, I went with one of the Heather Ross Briar Rose Strawberry prints for the backing. I like it!


That’s a lot of berries!


For the binding, I would have liked to use Art Gallery’s Squared Elements in a black or grey, like I did in this quilt. I like the contrast. But I ran out of those, and I had this Squared Elements in a coral tone (maybe it’s Watermelon?), so I went with it.  I think it works.



The quilting is pretty simple since, for the most part, it gets quilted before it’s sewn together. Then there are just a few straight lines throughout to attach the backing. Overall, I like this quilt, and I’m really happy to have a finish! I haven’t felt much like sewing this past month, but I enjoyed putting this together, so hopefully I’ll be back with more soon.



4 thoughts on “A Sunny Herringbone Quilt

  1. Congratulations on another FINISH! It is a beautiful quilt. Those colors kind are kind of growing on me.

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