Postcards from France Quilt #1

Thanks to everyone who visited for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. It has been fun reading your comments on places you love to visit, or places you would like to go to. I definitely have added to my already long list of travel wishes. I used to travel a bit in college and the years after, but now we usually just travel to see family.

The place I most want to go is Paris! I’ve always wanted to go! My husband and I have our 10th anniversary this summer, and I’ve been dropping hints about Paris all year. In the end, he has decided to go to Taiwan this summer for his dad’s 70th birthday, so…maybe next year. I hope!

I did study in Provence one summer during college. It was so beautiful. (I didn’t make it to Paris that time…tiny student budget…even tinier credit card limit.) Last week, I found some old postcards of the lavender fields and all the sunshine, which inspired this quilt. I really just wanted to play with the color and not get too complicated. It’s a small quilt, and I’m planning to hang it on the wall. These colors make me so happy!




There is a small section of uneven strips, which I quilted with irregular straight lines, quite close together.



Here’s some detail. Love these flowers.



The rest is linen, I think Essex yarn-dyed linen. On the back is purple print from Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study.



I don’t think I’m done with this color palate yet! I really like it. I added some friends to it…thinking about what else I could make with this pretty stack.


I like postcards as a souvenir — cheap, flat, and won’t slow you down at customs. I’m thinking about some more travel-inspired sewing. What projects have been inspired by your travels, or by nature, or even by souvenirs?


4 thoughts on “Postcards from France Quilt #1

  1. I have six yards of African fabric my husband brought back from one of his business trips — I am waiting to be inspired! And I think the traditional 11th anniversary gift IS a trip to Paris! Or at least we need to make it so . . .

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