It’s not fancy, but…

My son has had a loose tooth. His first one. One recent afternoon, I received this:


If you can’t make out the note, it says, “Can you make a tooth pillow?” And yes, he selected these two charming fabrics for this pillow. Together. Hmmm.

I admit I had to make a few other fabric suggestions. I just don’t like that yellow color so much. But we stayed in the same collection. The happy bento fabric was, sadly, abandoned. Just until his next project, I’m sure.

Then, just before bedtime, the tooth came out. Suddenly, the tooth pillow was a rush order! It’s not fancy, but here it is:


My son said he wanted to feature the stop sign so that the tooth fairy would know where to stop. Also, he selected this little truck for a pocket. He didn’t notice it, but it said ‘trades’ right below the truck, so I cut that out too. Clever, right? A wee little pocket for trades.


I have done a teensy bit more last minute sewing lately. Same boy had his pirate birthday party this weekend. I didn’t have any pirate fabric, so I used some of these scraps to make bean bags.  (That should say, I would have had pirate fabric, and lovely handmade goody bags, also made by the midnight moon, no doubt, but my husband put a stop to that. Probably just as well. I do get carried away. Kinda. Occasionally.)


I like this one. (Don’t mind the not-so-tidy midnight stitches, okay?)



4 thoughts on “It’s not fancy, but…

  1. I am sure it will get a lot of use in the years to come. All of my children still have their tooth fairy pillows even though they are teenagers.

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