Mini Quilt Swap – Possibilities

Have I ever made a mini quilt? I don’t think I have. But I like the smaller projects. A mini quilt sounds fun.

So I joined the Mini Quilt Swap over at Schnitzel and Boo, along with oh, about 600 other people. Maybe you’re one of them! Anyway, we each received the name of one of the participants, along with a little information about what they like. This month, we’re all making a mini quilt, and will send it off in early July. We’ll receive another mini from someone else a few days later.

Meanwhile, we can use a variety of social media outlets to figure out what the partner will like. Also, my partner gave a lot of details about what they like, so that’s good. I didn’t! I didn’t know! This is my first time participating in a swap of any kind. But really, in my case, I’m not that picky. As long as the color could not be described as dusty or rusty, I’ll like it. My partner likes several colors, and also mentioned certain ones to avoid. So..I think I’m going with purple.


But what purples? These are a mix of orchid-y purples from Heather Bailey’s Lottie Da and True Colors.


Here we have a few Anna Maria Horner fabrics, some solids and others.


And then, what style of mini quilt? I have a couple ideas. First, using the Heather Bailey fabrics, I was thinking of doing a fan pattern, repeating it in the four quadrants. It’s kind of traditional, no? And pretty sweet. I like it. I would hang it on my wall. But is it Partner’s style? I can’t tell.


Another idea would be a paper-pieced block.These are small, maybe six inches square. Four of these together, kind of a kaleidoscope mini quilt? Maybe with a border of teeny tiny squares? I’m not sure about this one either. I love the colors. But is it too dull?



There’s a flickr group and you can find other pictures on Instagram using #makeaquiltmakeafriend or #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap. There are so many lovely minis already in the works! Some of them are quite complex looking. I guess I tend toward the simple. I hope I won’t let my partner down! I’m having fun playing with the colors, anyway.


6 thoughts on “Mini Quilt Swap – Possibilities

  1. I am not particularly fond of lavender or grey, which always looks dull to me. But I like your second group of fabric best. The lavender really pops when that yellow-green is with it. You know I’m the “matchy matchy” type. All your ideas are very workable, but your general idea of one “wrong” fabric color is unsettling to me here, although it does draw the eye. Have you ever thought of making something really simple, like irregular strips, pinwheel, fan, or log cabin and then cut it apart and regroup for a “Picasso effect?” Just thought of that; I may try it myself. Could be really interesting, especially with a tiny folded solid within the new seams to define the parts with a 3-D touch. Have fun! Can’t wait to see what you make and what is made for you. I have a friend who does this with knitting. She made an online friend in England this way.

  2. I love all the purples you’ve put out. I’m in the swap too, can you believe 600 people, that’s crazy talk!! I think all of your design ideas are great. Try not to stress yourself out too much by what you see on Flickr/IG. There will be tons of different skill levels out there. I’ve done several of these swaps and you can really psych yourself out. If you love it, chances are your partner will love it (unless you got someone with totally opposing styles!). Good luck and can’t wait to see what you do!

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