A Badminton Dress

I made a dress! It’s the Badminton Dress by Oliver + S. The fabrics are from Fig Tree’s Avalon collection.


This is my third dress. Last year I made my first two dresses using a Fig Tree pattern (same pattern, two colors).

DSC_3045 DSC_2842

They came out okay, so after that, I started making this dress (yes, last summer).  But somehow I didn’t finish it. The pattern is actually easy to read and follow, but sometimes my inexperience with making garments makes me a little exasperated, and after reading the directions 10 times, I may quit. That might have happened. I find I can follow patterns better when it’s daylight, but I usually sew after my kids are in bed for the night.



Anyway, it is finished! And it really wasn’t hard. I cut out the size 3 last year, but my daughter is 4 now. I was a little worried about that, but I think the sizing is okay.

I love the scalloped hemline! There was supposed to be a contrast facing at the hem (meaning, the color would be inside the dress), but I really wanted a line of contrast on the outside. So I just reversed the directions for the facing and flipped it to the front. I’m not sure it was the best way to go (like I said — I don’t really make clothes much), but I think it works.


I like the little ruffled sleeve.


The only thing I’m not sure I like is that (maybe?) it kind of looks like a nightgown. Maybe just a bad choice in fabrics by me? Although, I noticed after finishing, that this looks a lot like the version on the pattern cover. Did I do that on purpose? I don’t remember doing so, but it was a year ago! I do love the sweet little cherries on this fabric though. It’s going to be a good dress for a hot day like today.


2 thoughts on “A Badminton Dress

  1. Jodie, you did a good job! It is a darling summer dress. You model appears to like it, too. I never got the idea it looked like a nightgown. The fit is fine; last year it may have been too big around the arm holes. Maybe the scalloped top can be finished and sent your way. Luckily, the top gets cut out after the shells are sewn together. Maybe working two years on a tough (or first) project makes it sweeter.

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