A Quick Gift

Not long before my husband left to visit his family in Asia, he asked me to make a quilt for our three-year-old nephew living there. Great idea! Why didn’t I think of that! And sooner! I ended up making it a little close to the wire, washing it and packing it into their luggage only hours before they left! These pictures are before the washing.


With a short timeline, I had to go with a simple pattern. I grabbed a boyish bundle of fat quarters that had been languishing on the shelf and got to work.  I alternated a couple rows of basic patchwork squares with strips of the bigger car print. I do love those cars!


I added a scrappy binding and quilted in the ditch. I only wish I had more time to do a little more with the quilting.


I made this a size such that I wouldn’t have to piece a back. A single piece of pearl bracelets works nicely.


I’ve heard the little boy is enjoying the quilt!

Incidently, the tooth fairy pillow I made with a bit of this same fabric has been seeing steady trades lately! The tooth fairy definitely knows where we live.


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