I love Japanese fabrics. The retro ones, the kawaii (cute) ones, all of them. Recently, I made a few little projects featuring this super cute lunchtime fabric from Lecien.

Kinda kawaii tea towel

First, I planned a set of dish towels and hot pads for a friend’s bridal shower.

Love this fabric

I referred to this tutorial at Art Gallery for the pot holder. My machine decided break several needles and throw them at me. It doesn’t like the hard work of sewing through lots of layers. So I only succeeded in getting one dish towel and one hot pad for my friend…I guess the others will be for myself, if I can get my machine to reconsider on this job.

Love this fabric

Then, a quick little pouch for my son’s summer school teacher. He picked out a few little things with which to stuff it.

Love this fabric

Love this fabric

I just love the little foods, especially the egg cups and the jam jar. This fabric, like a lot of Japanese fabric, is thicker that quilting cotton, maybe oxford. Pink Castle has Japanese fabrics on sale through Sunday, 30% off with the code japan30. I might have already been there. I would like one of each, please. They still have this lunchtime fabric in the pink color way. Yummy!


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