Holiday Pillowcase

I love craft books. I’ve made bunches of projects that I’ve found in craft books. Of course, I have some I haven’t used yet. But even those provide general inspiration, yes? Today’s project is from Pretty in Patchwork Holiday by John Q. Adams, with projects by lots of people! So many lovable projects in there!!


It’s a holiday hedgehog pillowcase. I got this book at least a year ago and immediately made the tree mug rug that is on the cover (love it!). The popular Modern Maples quilt is also in this book, and I intend to make one of those next month. Next week, maybe! I’ve been working on a few Christmasy things this summer, and this is one of them. I wanted to make my kids special Christmas pillowcases that they could use every year as they anticipate their favorite holiday.



I just realized I didn’t use any actual Christmas fabrics in this project. That might be because I stashed all my holiday fabrics in the attic earlier this year…But lots of reds and greens fabrics and ribbons give a festive feeling.

The feature, of course, is this embroidered snoozing hedgehog. I just love him. I was too lazy to trace the pattern, but it turned out pretty close anyway.



I find one of my sewing goals might be coming to fruition! One reason I wanted to start sewing things was I hoped to improve my patience. To wait for the finished project, to slow down a bit with the process (and the other reason, admittedly, was the fabric, naturally! If collecting fabric, good to use it!). I admit also that I always want to make SO MANY THINGS that patience is difficult, but here’s what I noticed: I stitched this little hedgehog, and I DIDN’T HATE IT!! It was kind of fun. I have previously hated doing all things hand-stitchy. So there’s a little progress, right? Maybe?


Linking up to Craft Books Month over at Craft Buds.


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