Orange Peel Progress

I’ve been wanting to make something with orange peels for a long time! I love the patterns they make.   Here’s what I’m working on:


This summer I followed the Orange Peel Quilt-a-long at Quilty Habit. First I made this mini for practice. I love these gentler colors. I might be the only one, but hey.


I wondered it it would be easier to stitch the squares together or attach the peels first. For this one, I sewed the squares together first. But some of the peels shifted when I fused them on (see lower right quadrant, below), and fixing that would mean unstitching squares and rows and replacing them.


I didn’t fix that, since this was for practice (lazy? yes, but the dolls don’t care), but when I made the bigger quilt, I attached the peels first. Now I think maybe THAT wasn’t the best way. This style of appliqué renders the peels kind of thick (although I THOUGHT I chose a thin interfacing). When I tried to sew the squares together, the foot didn’t want to go over the peel, which resulted in pulling of the fabric at the seam, and *waaah* rather ugly seams. Not happy. I tried a few different things, but I couldn’t find a way to make it work better. (Sorry the wrinkly pics — I waited oh, a week, to get someone to help me take some pictures during daylight!)


Quilty Habit referenced this tutorial at Crazy Old Ladies Quilts, in which you sew down the peels as part of the quilting. I will attempt this, and then probably echo the shape of the petal. I am concerned this is going to be a bit of trouble for me! This is all new to me, so we’ll see how it goes.


Before I get to the quilting, I’m trying to decide if I should add a border. Originally I didn’t plan for a border, but as it is, this quilt top is 45 by 50. The fall snuggling-under-quilts season has begun, and I’m thinking this size is a little too small. A five-inch border would bring it to 55 by 60 — better? And then, if I go that way, what color of border? Lots of questions yet. Let me know your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Orange Peel Progress

  1. About the boarder: I’d go with the background color so the peels would keep the focus and floatiness without being framed in. If you feed harmony is needed, go with lightest petal. If you feel contrast is needed, go with the darkest peel or the bright yellow. I think the yellow, while a pretty contrast, would take away from the focus going to the peels and your yellow section would not “pop” as it does now. Try laying each option out around the quilt (or a portion of it) and snap photos. Studying several options at the same time helps me decide the look I want.

  2. When I use this method, which I call “faced appliqué”, I use a thin non fusible interfacing. I just draw the shape on it and cut it out roughly before sewing to the fabric. Being non fusible I can press it nice and flat easily and then I just position it and use a few drops of glue to hold it to my background(ironing it dry now I’ve figured out I can do that). I find it’s not as stiff or bulky to sew over. But the quilting the peels down I haven’t tried though I’ve put it on my list to try. Love your top, the colours and layout are so pretty.

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