Modern Maples — A Quilt for Autumn

A friend of mine was married this fall, so I decided to make a fall colored wedding quilt for the couple. This is my favorite season and some of my favorite colors.


Many people have quilted up their version of this traditional maple leaf block, and they are all so pretty. I used the Modern Maples pattern in Pretty In Patchwork – Holidays.  I wanted to follow the pattern quite closely, since I wanted to finish this in a timely fashion, and not fall into the vortex of hemming and hawing over the different possible ways to change it up. The pattern in the book uses 18 leaves, but this one has 21. This book has a cutting error, where it asks you to cut twice as many small squares from the background fabric as you need. As a result (or maybe I didn’t have enough fabric to start), I didn’t have enough of the background fabric to make more solid squares (and I wasn’t going to play the online-match-your-solids game…done that before, not fun). But I did have enough to make 21 leaves.


This quilt is about 59 by 70, a big throw size. I’ve had trouble getting nice looking straight-line quilting going on the bigger quilts, so I quilted it with a simple wavy line. I was feeling bad about that, I mean, is there anything easier than a wavy line? But in the end, I kind of like it. It adds some movement to the quilt, as if the leaves were moving on the breeze.


I had the backing fabric in my stash. It was just a little too small, so since I was already going to have to add a little something, I decided to *gasp!!* embroider a label. I know, I know, I was surprised too. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Since this quilt is to commemorate the wedding, I didn’t add my name.


I might need to make one of these for myself next year. Everyone needs an autumn quilt, don’t they? It’s the perfect season for a quilt.


She thinks so.



This maple tree in our yard turns a glorious yellow most years. It’s still half green, but I can’t wait any longer to take these photos. My friend will be back from her honeymoon in Hawaii (I know!) this weekend, so this quilt is off to its new home with the cozy couple.




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