Someone got a quilt for his birthday

Today we have the Cluck Cluck Sew Pow Wow quilt in NYC-themed fabrics.


I made it for my son’s birthday last summer. And it was a little late, but hey. The cold weather is here and he is now enjoying it on his bunk bed.


The fabrics are so fun…things you might see around New York. Squirrels. Bagels. Taxi cabs. All that.


My son is fan of NYC. Although there are pigeons there, which freak him out.

I am a fan of this stripy binding. Quite a fan. Can you see it? I’m going to learn to use my camera in 2015, I am, I am.


The backing features a whimsical animal print, and also uses up some extras and some pieces that might have endured a cutting mistake.

I’m also going to learn photo-cropping and other such useful skills in 2015. Look forward to it.


Well, he likes it.


The quilt holders look like they could use a nap. If only…






One thought on “Someone got a quilt for his birthday

  1. This is lovely and your son does look pretty happy with it. I also like the back as much as the front, I love to see a nice panel on the back. x

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