Wait, what? Christmas is over?

Hello friends. Happy January. Hope you had a lovely holiday season. December tends to be a busy time for most people, even if you don’t try to cram in last minute gifting projects. I expected that, but I didn’t realize January would be more of the same. Goodness. I’m fixing to make some new year’s resolutions. February, I see you coming.


Anyway. I did finish up some presents and mail them off in a timely fashion. There were other things that made their way into 2015 in an unfinished state, and as much as I don’t like it, that’s just the way it is. I have to say, the dark weather is not my friend. I have to fight myself to do much of anything once it’s dark (which is well before dinner). I miss the energy of summer (not the humid yuck, but the long days, yes!).

I did finish up this quilt for my kids’ Christmas present, so I shall share that today.


It is a very simple patchwork using Aneela Hoey’s Cherry Christmas fabric from a few years back. I only had a couple charm packs and a little yardage (don’t know what was I thinking, ordering small bits of this stuff — at least I got a little of my favorite ones). Almost all was used in this quilt. The collection has a very nice red. I added a dark grey, which I think is nice!


I love the details of this fabric, vintage-y, Christmas-y goodness. I’m totally transported. To a rustic-y cabin in the snow covered woods, a little bird looks in a through a frosty window pane. Inside, tiny tree strung with metallic baubles, fireplace crackling, piping-hot tea in the teapot, I’m wearing five sweaters while knitting stripy socks. Which, in the morning, will have an orange in the toe and chocolates wrapped in shiny fuchsia and orange foil…okay, I’ll stop. You go there too, right?


This quilt has already been enjoying the snuggly season, love it.

And now for a few classic Christmas-time photos.

Christmas Eve. Oh, my boy…so, so classic.



New York City. Here, a photo by a tree trunk. I’m sure you’ll recognize the blur which is the big tree at Rockefeller Plaza in the background.



In future, I believe I will avoid going into the city the day after Christmas. It was just nuts there. We had fun, but the crush of people was just a bit too much for me.

I promise to be back soon!!


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