Chevron Quilt in Purple and Blues

Hello friends. We are greeting another day of schools closed by ice and snow. What to do, what to do…

I wanted to share this finished chevron quilt I made for a friend.


This quilt took a while. My friend picked out the fabrics almost two years ago! Last year, I shared here about my plans for this quilt. Originally I was thinking half-rectangle triangles. I made all the blocks. But I took a break between starting and finishing the blocks, and ended up making a mistake that made all the blocks ALL WRONG! Half-rectangle triangles are not as straightforward as half-square triangles. They have to be slightly offset (I used this tutorial, which makes it clear), but I forgot about that. I remember, at one point, looking at the rectangles I had already marked and thinking, “how did these get so offset?”, like it was a mistake. And then I made the mistake. On ALL OF THEM.

So I abandoned those blocks and decided to go chevron via the half-square triangle. (I still have the broken blocks…thinking to slice them up and make something new). And I took a break from the project.



The original plan included some yellow and gray, but I let that go in favor of just two colors of scrappy chevrons. I don’t have a lot of purple fabrics, so they are truly scrappy and varied in tone. On the other hand, turquoise seems to be the fabric color I buy the most, so these aqua-blues turned out to be very close in color.



I backed this in an awesome orchid minky cuddle fabric, along with batting in between. All the better for cold winter cuddles!




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