Fun Times with Small Projects

Sometimes, I like a small project. Something that can be finished! It feels good to finish things now and then, doesn’t it??


I made a couple of these apple mini quilts. This one is for my daughter. I made a brighter one, but gave it away without snapping a picture. The apple patterns are found in the book Quilty Fun by Lori Holt.



I’ve made a number of these Open Wide pouches pattern by Noodlehead. I always give them away — they are a cute gift, aren’t they? I sent one on with my last mini quilt swap. I need one for myself!


I finally tried making a boxy pouch, for something different. I used the tutorial at kelbysews. Nice and easy. I think I’ll try a heavier fabric next time, and a metal zipper if I pick some up one of these days.


And a couple of pillows using up some sweet, Valentine-y fabrics I had on hand.

And next? I want to something with tiny paper pieced hexes. Maybe a needle book? Also, I’m thinking I should look for another type of zippy pouch to try, just for variety. Any favorites out there?


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