Playing with a Plus Quilt

Last year, I wanted to finish more of my projects. This year, I just want to play. I found myself always feeling bad about not finishing more things, about not working harder on the things I had started. But then I realized: why?? This fabric-y stuff is not my job, after all, I am just doing it for fun. So let’s play some more!


Also, I have a lot of fabric. I feel like I should use it. This year’s playing will hopefully use up some of it! I pulled the fabric above from those fabrics I have on hand, so many favorites in there!

My inspiration was found in the colors of this journal I picked up at Barnes and Noble. My child scrawled all over my crafting journal, so I needed a new one. (Okay, so I picked this one up just because it was pretty. But see? I needed it).


I really like this green, but I don’t have much of it! I think I had to use up all the greens I had.


I’ve been wanting to make a plus quilt for awhile, so I decided to give it a try in these colors. A plus quilt is so easy. Just cut a bunch of squares! The only tricky thing is not mixing up the order while chain piecing. (I might have done that.) Also: I could use a design wall.



The quilt top went together quickly. Now, I can’t decide how I feel about it. There are a couple reasons. First, it seems to change colors! Depending on the light available, it’s either great or kind of not! Second, peach has a really sharp tipping point. One moment you’re loving it, then you add a tad more, and suddenly, you’re sick of it. I think I should have replaced one of these solid peach pluses with a hot pink, just to throw off the matchy-matchy. I don’t know. Take a look at it, here in the lumpy, icy snow that just won’t go away.


I have two potential backings. These are two of my verrrrrry favorite recent fabrics. I love them so much. I’m not sure if this quilt is worthy of them! Heh, heh. I’m thinking to go with the one with the birds. It’s actually a light pinky peach, and the birds are metallic.


Now, to decide on the quilting!


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