Finished for a Friend

This quilt languished in the unfinished pile for awhile. Recently, I finished it for a friend’s birthday.


Sorry about the pictures. Winter. Dark. Cold. You know.


I was sewing this in the fall of 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit. New York and New Jersey aren’t really hurricane territory, but that storm caused a lot of trouble. Our community wasn’t devastated like some others, but there was some damage, a lot of trees downed, and the power was out for 3 – 7 days. Even days later, it was hard to drive out of the neighborhood due to trees in the streets and no working traffic signals. Anyway, our house didn’t have power for several days, but our church did, so we spent our daytime over there (it’s next door — different power grid, I guess). I sewed this on a big wooden conference table there. It was so nice for sewing, lots of space and so sturdy. I remember thinking I should sew there all the time!


I had just started sewing in late 2012. Around that time, Traceyjay Quilts hosted a sew along to collect quilts, which she was then going to sell to raise money for Haiti. I’m not sure why I joined this, as I just started sewing. Although I finished this quilt top at that time, I decided not to send it as it didn’t reach high enough on my perfection meter. Some of the points don’t meet, that’s all, really. I might think differently now, but at the time, I thought, if you give someone a gift, then your best work is okay, even if not perfect. But if you’re selling it, even for charity, then it has to meet certain standards. I was kind of annoyed with myself. How hard can it be to get points to meet? So, I stashed the quilt top and didn’t think of it again for ages.

I think you can still see the pattern/tutorial, “Treasure Boxes”, on Tracey’s blog. Or, Lori Holt currently has a sew along or a tutorial for basically the same block, “Flower Box”, on her blog (it looks so cute in her fabrics, I’m tempted to make another one). It’s really just a straightforward block. Using a patterned square and a white one, make half square triangles. Then change the color on the tip of the white side with another little half square triangle.


The fabric was a bundle of a Tanya Whelan collection that I had purchased at some point in my collecting-fabric-not-sewing days. It’s very sweet, as is all her fabric. And the friend I gave it to is also very sweet.



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