More Playing with Fabric


I’m the kind of person who makes lists, just to offload all the stuff I’ve been carrying around in my head. I feel better after doing that. But, when it comes to things I want to make, the list always gets longer, with many additions, but also because I haven’t checked off many things. Sometimes it seems I never make anything (so this blog is useful to me as a record of at least a few things that have been finished). Now I’m playing around with two things that have been on my quilty list of things I’d like to make: English Paper Piecing and the Drunkard’s Path pattern.


One of the things that, in the past, has stopped me from trying these is the cutting. I’m not good with cutting different shapes. I get bored and then, not so accurate. But guess what — there are ways around this.

First, for this English paper piecing (EPP) project, I bought a kit. This is a large throw quilt, made with around 1000 pieces, all diamonds and hexagons. It’s a Tula Pink/Free Spirit kit called ‘Diamonds in the Sky’, which features her Acacia line. If I were doing the cutting, I would probably stop before I even started, and that is why I gave the kit a try. I bought it maybe a year ago, and got started during this past Christmas holiday. My plan is to do one row a month. There are 13 rows, so yep, we’re looking at a year long project if I stay on schedule.

USA_2846 USA_2844

This is my first time working with EPP, some of the stitches are visible in the first row I did, but less in the second. A little progress I hope, although I don’t really know what I did differently.


This month, I might try glue basting the shapes.


These pictures show one row, but since taking them, I have added a second row. I’ll show updates here and there throughout the year.

This second project, (totally separate, regular piecing), uses the drunkard’s path shapes. I’ve had a little trouble sewing curves in the past, so these blocks give me double worries: special cutting and curved piecing. But the results are so pretty. I want to try them!


I probably would still be thinking about it, but it happened that my mom got a Sizzix die cutter for Christmas, so I asked her if I could borrow it. She brought it along with her on the airplane. Something I didn’t know: these die cutters are heavy. Oops. Sorry Mom.


So now, we have these pieces cut in a fairly short amount of time. And next, I just need some time to get to work on them! The colors are so cheerful and are calling my name.  Soon.


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