Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap

How can it possibly be the last day of April???

The Rainbow Mini Quilt swap finished up about a month ago. I got some great presents! And I sent off something kind of cute too.


This swap was on Instagram, hosted by the lovely @katebasti. The minis needed to feature the color spectrum, not necessarily literal rainbows, but all the colors. My partner’s favorite fabrics were reproductions. I have a lot of fabric, but I don’t have much of these. Just a few 30’s, but it was fun to be challenged to use them. I used Fig Tree Quilt’s Lollipops Mini pattern (minus the borders), which is basically four Dresden blocks.


It looked easier than it was. I enjoyed the process, despite many frustrations with wonkiness, not-quite-round Dresdens and so on. Note to self: in future, plan to make a practice block. The first one never turns out.



I hand appliqued these to the background fabric and did some hand quilting as well. I haven’t tried either of these techniques before, so I did a little research (youTube, yes). It was hard to get a consistent and pretty result, especially with the center circle, but maybe that’s how it goes with a first try of something. There were many re-dos, but wonkiness persists. Wondering if I should not try new things with swaps. The recipient has to bear the result. Well. I sent her some rainbow goodies, too.



Here’s the mini I received from @laschiefelbein. It uses Alison Glass Sunprints fabric, and is so pretty. I love it. Linda even changed the thread color to match each fabric. I’m never that patient, but it looks lovely.


She also sent along two open wide pouches stuffed with goodies of a rainbow colored nature: m&m’s, skittles, a pen, a glass ornament, little toys for the kids, and more. She is a very generous swap partner! I have given away all the open wide pouches that I’ve made, so it was fun to get some for myself. The large one is really quite big and can hold a lot! Thanks, partner!



I must admit I have signed up for three more swaps, all featuring a different designer’s fabrics: Alison Glass, Anna Maria Horner, and Cotton + Steel. I am planning to do new things with them, so we’ll see how it goes! I think they are all to be sent out in June. So far, well, I’ve got fabric. I need to get moving, especially since May and June have 6 separate work-related travels for my husband or me. This is slightly up from our usual travel events tally of zero. There are always fun, new swaps popping up on Instagram. I reckon I should not sign up for anymore for awhile…


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