Springtime Plus Quilt

Since I have a finish this week, I decided to link up to the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. I never have joined in before, although I always enjoy looking at what people have made! This quilt just fits into the small quilts category, at 65 by 50 inches, after washing.


I last shared this quilt-in-progress while it was still snowy. This week, I was motivated to finished it off while all these spring flowers were still in bloom. They’re a match!


Making this type of quilt was easy and fun, allowing for most of the time to be spent just playing around with the colors. Which is what I love. And I really love these colors.


I quilted this one simply, straight-ish lines along both sides of the seams. I enjoyed seeing the colors smashed against each other as they passed under the needle. Lots of lovable fabrics in this one — including those strawberries on green. I never get tired of those.


I’ve used another favorite fabric as the backing — Brambleberry Ridge metallic gold birds! And I like the light fabric for contrast with the bold front. It’s like turning over a dark, greenish turtle, being surprised by its light-colored underside.


And a favorite Art Gallery fabric for the binding. This coral color. I just love it.


This old stone church is in our neighborhood. This side, this door, is right at one of the busier corners of town. Got some odd stares while I held up my quilts. Totally worth it though, right?


Looks like I flipped the quilt over in this pic. Well, hey, a plus quilt can do that. I think I might like it better this side up.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back with a few things to share next week.

8 thoughts on “Springtime Plus Quilt

  1. Oh,your plus quilt is beautiful. I love plus quilts. Great fabrics and colors you used. Lovely photos and I like how the flowers go so well with the quilt.

  2. Great combo of fabrics–and I love the surprise backing fabric. Your photo at the church is fabulous–such a nice feel of your quilt blocks contrasted by the stones/bricks in the church building.

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