Quick Baby Quilts

It’s spring ’round here. It is pretty. In unrelated news…what are your thoughts on the so-called “cheater prints”??



They make for a very quick baby quilt. I have stashed a few in organic cottons. The problem…I feel bad using them. Kind of. I mean, they’re super cute, but I feel bad giving a whole-cloth quilt that looks like patchwork, when it’s really not. Like a cheater.


But. But. But…is this just because these patchwork prints are called cheater prints? I have decided maybe, yes. A “whole-cloth quilted blanket” sounds just fine, whereas a “cheater quilt” sounds like an easy way out. Might as well get over it, right?

After all, these could help with one of my problems: I have been bad about making quilts for baby boys. And everyone I know has been having baby boys: a cousin, another cousin, my son’s first grade teacher, my son’s kindergarten teacher from last year…nobody got a quilt until now. Especially in the cases of my son’s teachers: I don’t really know them that well. I don’t know their tastes in baby stuff. So a print might be a good way to go, in case they hate it, less time wasted!


I decided to go ahead and use the patchwork prints, quilting simply with straight lines along either side of the squares (why not use that grid pattern, since it’s there, right?).


So far, no one’s reported hating them. But, to even things out, I also made a patchwork baby quilt which was super fast and easy. It’s just a star made with half-square triangles (like the big star quilt disaster, just smaller). Very fast.


I quilted straight lines in a V shape, following the points. This is what I hoped to do on my big star disaster, before I realized how bulky it was. But it was easy on a lightweight baby quilt (honestly, is this not one of the best parts of making a baby quilt? So light and easy to move around!!).


But this quilt might not be good for boys. It’s kind of a babyish rainbow, but there is pink. Hmm. Well, here’s a picture for scale. It’s small. Maybe 36″ square. I believe I started with 10 inch squares.


I will be making more of these in the future. And possibly a couple cheaters, too. I still have a couple more on hand.

Enjoy the weekend!



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