Where are the Raccoons?

I thought it might be time to check in on my progress on the Tula Pink Diamonds in the Sky quilt. I’ve said previously that I would complete one row a month on this English Paper Pieced quilt. So. Now it’s May.


I’ve got three rows. One’s not even sewn on yet. It’s like I think it’s the end of March instead of the end of May. (Sadly, this is not the only arena in which this mistaken thought has shown itself…waaah. Missed the kindergarten registration by nearly two months…!)


I mentioned before that I bought this as a kit, especially because I liked that all the pieces were already cut. That was one less hurdle in beginning the project. And that’s true. The only pity about buying the pieces pre-cut is that, of course, they did not fussy cut the shapes.  I didn’t expect them to, why would they? But…but…but…


This collection, Acacia, by Tula Pink, has really cute raccoons in it. But these pre-cuts feature almost no raccoons! Take a look…maybe an eye will make it into the quilt, but that’s about it.


It’s kind of a pity. But when I bought this quilt kit (quite some time ago), I also picked up around five yards of raccoons for the backing, so at least they will show up there. Good thing I guess, as yardage is now hard to come by. I should look at the measurements…there might be some left for fussy cutting a diamond or two.


Going to do my best to stick with the schedule from here on out! Got some traveling coming up, so hopefully that will help make me a captive audience to this project. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for hand sewing. Like last night. Sewed one star on wrong. Took it off. Sewed it on again, just to have the thread break near the turn. Took it off again. Sigh. Picked up a book. Last night progress: zero.



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