Yearbook Photos Mini Quilt

This week I made a mini quilt featuring the “Hello, Bear” fabric line from designer Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery. This fabric has lots of cute woodland animals and a gentle color palette. I thought it would be fun to feature the different prints as ‘photos’ and brought them together in this mini as if it were a page out of the class yearbook.


I used the Polaroid-style borders, which is not my original concept, of course — I’ve seen it around the internet for quite some time. The borders are nice for isolating certain designs. And Polaroid-style pics have been making a resurgence — I’ve been seeing them at weddings lately. Nothing more fun than scrawling on an instant photo with a gold sharpie, making memories for the bride and groom.


And so, at first, I was thinking of kind of doodling all over the ‘photos’, like friends do in yearbooks — I’m talking mustachioed raccoons, crowned bucks, XOXO everywhere. But I do get carried away. I know. So I just put in a few of those things. But I will tell you what I’m secretly thinking when I look at these pics.

Friends encourage this baby deer to stay sweet (stay sweet! never change!).


Here we have the Class Clown and the BFF (XOXO!).


Here’s the one voted Best Dressed (very fancy with beaded necklaces).


And a candid from the lunchroom — Food Fight.


Of course this is the Homecoming King.


Except I haven’t actually attached the crown yet. It might also look good on this guy:


Sometimes the Class Clown is the Homecoming King. The buck would also look good with a mustache. Less stereotypical, king-of-the-forest and all that.


And the arrows represent the class motto: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” (Thoreau, yeah. Woodland critters like to read and stuff).


So there you have it. Yearbooks Photos! This fabric is really cute, and so soft. It’s fun to work with.

Bonnie Christine is holding a Hello, Bear Challenge on her blog. Deadline today. I believe I will link to it. Although I kind of regret taking these photos in the rain with my iPhone. There are some very, very wonderful creations already posted on Instagram #hellobearchallenge Go take a look!


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