Sewing by the Air Conditioner

Not quite the same cozy image as the wintertime equivalent: sewing by the fireside. But. It’s kind of the same.


New Jersey summers are hot and humid, and the humid spells can go on for days. I know, with temperature it’s all relative to what you’re used to, but there is a point at which the humidity becomes just too much, and all a girl can do is hide out in her room, close the door, and turn on the air conditioner.

That’s what my kids and I have to do sometimes. This house only has window air conditioners in two of the bedrooms. We spend some afternoons in there reading, playing games, and making.


My kids like to make things, too. This week they stuffed this little pillow stuffies that look like kokeshi dolls, or maybe Harajuku teens. Of course, that was a panel from the Hello, Tokyo line, so it was an easy and quick project.


These things aren’t fancy, but kids like them. I remember once, when I was a kid, my mom made some of these from-a-panel stuffies for a Christmas Eve gift exchange game we always went to. I don’t remember if that was the year the adults kept taking the gifts that were obviously for the only little kids in the room, or if it was the year Lake Michigan lake effect snow kept us from actually making it to the party (grief! Great wails and tears! How to spend a Christmas Eve, if not a Great-grandmother’s place, complete with a glass-icicled tree, odd gifts and ground bologna sandwiches?? Oh man.). Anyway, the pillow stuffy made it home with me, from wherever we celebrated, and I liked it.


My kidlets loved making them. I also sent them off with two pillows in an effort to revamp the cozy reading corner. I previously made a similar pillow as a gift, but this was the first time putting a binding on a pillow — don’t know why I haven’t done it before. Kinda like it. And appliquéd a big kokeshi doll on the other one. Naturally, I didn’t notice it was see-through until I was fusing it down.


So now you know what we’re up to this summer. Well, there are a few other things to share. Soon. Like this:



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