Work in Progress – Bonnie & Camille Quilt

Surprised to see me three days in a row? Crazy, I know. I promise it won’t happen again. Most likely.


Bonnie and Camille’s fabric was some of the first that I liked. It’s funny that I haven’t made a quilt out of any of it yet. Actually, I rarely buy any…I just admire it.


Although I did pick up a few of the strawberries from their latest collection, Hello, Darling. Strawberries? Yes. Hello, Darling.


Anyway, I’ve had this little project going for a while. At least a year…hmmm. I’m making this Picnic Quilt by Camille (of Bonnie and Camille) with fabric from their Bliss collection, which was one of their earlier ones. I think it used a jelly roll and some yardage. But how do I know, since I’ve lost the directions! All I have left is the picture from the front of the pattern. I had cut out all the blocks and borders before I lost it. And I had read through it. A bit of a frustrating situation, but still workable.


The blocks came out rather wonky, so I trimmed them probably more than was originally directed, but they’re squares, so no worries. I hadn’t cut the sashing before losing the pattern, so I just made a guess. You know? Sashing? It is one of my least favorite parts of quilting, right up there with basting. It takes soooo long…the blocks in this pattern were quick. It was the sashing and borders that kept this project in the UFO basket for too long.


I remember, I think, maybe, an optional flange border in the pattern, which is something I’ve never done before. Just guessing at remembering, I folded the strip (the red polka dot one) in half and sewed it on with the next border. I like how it looks, but now with that textural element, how to quilt it? I usually quilt edge to edge to avoid tying off threads, but I guess you wouldn’t want to sew over that flange? So. There will be tying off, I guess.


For the binding, I’m thinking one of these aquas. They are my favorite of this range (the pinks in here are actually a little too dusty for me, but the aquas *swoon*).


And for the backing, I have a big piece from another Bonnie and Camille line, Marmalade.

Hope to quilt this up soon. The picnic season is waning, and I insist on using this quilt at a picnic this year!


5 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Bonnie & Camille Quilt

  1. This is looking just beautiful. Bonnie and Camille are my favourite designers and I love how all their ranges work really well together. You are doing a great job considering you lost the pattern. My least favourite parts of quilting are cutting, basting, and quilting. x

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