Some quick fabric baskets

Well, since it seems everyone on Instagram has recently made kelbysews’ hour basket, I had to catch up and make four. If you’re cutting one, why not cut out four, right?


My kids picked out the fabrics, and they were very excited to put all their treasures inside.


There is another Pokemon one – cuter lining fabric, but otherwise the same – but it was already in use somewhere else.


The pattern calls for fusible fleece, which is what I used. It makes for a pretty floppy basket, but easy and fun to sew.


I feel most fabric baskets are kind of floppy, even this one, below, that I made a couple years ago from the book Patchwork, Please!, which uses a sheet of some kind of plasticky thing inside — it’s just not that stable, and easily loses its shape. But it is fabric we’re talking about, so maybe I should just relax.


Anyway, fun and fast sewing is nice sometimes!


2 thoughts on “Some quick fabric baskets

  1. These are lovely. I made similar ones a few years ago and they became my go to present for the whole year as they are quick and easy to make and can be filled with anything. x

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