Circles in Progress

I’m finally making some progress on the quilt full of circles! My mom and I cut these drunkard’s path pieces with her Sizzix cutter back in January, and since then, they’ve been sitting there while I got up the patience to sew the curves. It’s going better than expected!


I’ve had some problems in the past with the few curves I’ve tried sewing. I’ve read a lot about it over the past couple of years. The no pin method doesn’t work for me.


This time I’m using the method where you fold the pieces in half, iron, and then match up the crease at the midpoint. I pinned there and at each end, and it has worked quite well. I got a few pieces with a pucker near the end of the seam where any excess fabric that wasn’t eased properly has gathered. But! Those are not the majority!


A few don’t match up perfectly, but I’m actually pretty surprised how well the circles went together.


This quilt pattern was in Quilt Now Magazine, Issue 6. It had a pretty color scheme, but I didn’t use it (perhaps for some other project). I like to be a little surprised with how the colors come together. I maybe could have used less turquoise in this one, and a little more coral or lime. It’s pretty scrappy, with lots of different prints (pinks and blue-greens are very plentiful in my fabric stash, and I’m happy to use them!). This quilt is made of 16 big 16″ blocks, which you can see better in the picture below. Each square took me a good hour to put together (I took those curves slow). Not really a quick quilt.


Since there’s so much going on in this quilt top, I wanted to chose something calmer for the backing. I was hoping to use one of the four-yard cuts I’ve been stashing (the three on the left, below), but none of them was quite perfect. I like the two fabrics on the right, but I only had small pieces. In the end, I ordered the seed catalog print you see below, but in gray. I think my intended recipient will think it’s fun.


Now it’s getting some big crosshatch quilting. Many of those creases I had ironed in earlier survived, making for easy quilting guidelines. Finished product should be up soon!



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