Circles – a finished quilt

And we have a finish! A real quilt has been finished over here. And it’s not a mini quilt, either.


I posted the progress of this quilt (pattern around in Quilt Now issue 6) earlier this week. My mom helped me cut these pieces out in January, and after she had a car accident last month, I thought, why not finish it up and send it to her and my dad. My mom broke both hips in the accident, so she’s facing a long rehab — not expected to be back at home until Christmas. So a quilt might be cozy and useful at some point?


It’s colorful. At first I wasn’t sure about the low volume squares the circles form at the center of each block, but in the end, I like it. These pictures don’t show it well, but the low volume (white) pieces are a quarter of each circle.


The quilting pattern can be seen in this picture, a simple diagonal crosshatch.


For the backing, I used one of Lakehouse Favorites feed catalog prints. I had been waiting for the reprint of this fabric, and it is a really adorable text print (I might need a bolt). We always enjoyed looking at seed catalogs in winters as kids, and imagining our gardens. My dad’s a farmer, and my mom loves gardening, so I’m pretty sure they’ll like this fabric. Plus, a quilt that provides extra reading possibilities is always nice, isn’t it?


I had given up on machine binding, but my new sewing machine is strong enough to do the binding without any trouble. Yay! It doesn’t get stuck on the corners like my old one, leaving great, thick spots of thread. I wanted to try Rita of Red Pepper Quilts machine binding style, which always looks so nice, but I chickened out in the end. This method attaches the strip to the front, turns the binding to the back (as usual), BUT then stitches in the ditch along the edge of the front, just catching the back of the binding, sight unseen. It looks great on hers, but with accuracy depending on tiny fractions of the inch, it means you might not catch the binding if you’re off a little. It’s happened. So I stitched over the binding instead of next to it…not as pretty. I’ll keep working on it.


It finished at about 64 inches square and is really cuddly. It’s off to its new home!



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