Where are they now? Items previously seen here…


Today I have a few updates on projects you’ve seen here in the past. The Little Red Riding Hood cape was one of the first projects I posted on this blog. It is a fun make, not too complicated and it comes out rather professional looking! This fall, my daughter used this cape as part of her Halloween costume.


I didn’t make the dress (I got it at Gymboree well after last Halloween for some ridiculous sum, like 2 or 3 dollars). But I think it looks adorable topped off with the cape.


Red Riding Hood appears to be both sweet and spunky. She was also mad that I did not allow her to dress as a zombie. Oh well.

USA_5754        USA_5748  The Spidey suit is from Target, heh.

This same sweetie helped add some details to the Orange Peel quilt I posted here recently.


Some of the orange peels were made of this fabric with white polka dots and tiny bows. This fabric has been in my stash about as long as any…I think it’s Japanese. Anyway, not all the petals got a bow, so she drew bows onto those that were lacking.


It…didn’t come out in the wash. Oh…well. She’s very cute and so very earnest in helping.


And finally, I went ahead and donated the rail fence quilt that I had made for Margaret’s Hope Chest. Thanks to your comments, I decided the slightly pinkish fabric was not such a big deal. I possibly, maybe, hmm, overreacted a bit to the pink tint. Anyway, I dropped it off when I was in Grand Rapids recently for work. Thanks for your input.

Next week, something new!





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