Hello 2016!

It seems like everyone has been posting summaries of 2015 and goals for 2016. Will I do that? Of course I will. I shall evaluate the quilty year.

Last year at this time, I decided what I needed for the year was more play. Now is the time to see how well we did with that. We shall evaluate the play. Ironic or not.

This past year, I made only 8 quilts, and only 3 of those were start-to-finish in 2015. I have 4 works-in-progress from 2014 that are still in progress (and they will show their faces here next week).



I also made a bunch of mini quilts.

And some small projects: pouches, mug rugs, pillows, pincushions and the like.

Overall, I’d say not a lot was done. But the numbers don’t matter. The question is, how much playing happened?

The three quilts I started and finished were pretty much all play, very fun. I messed around with the colors, making scrappy, happy stuff. But three new quilts is not many, not a lot of play.


The reason for that small number, I guess…is mini quilts. Mini quilts take up a surprising amount of time, all things considered. They never move along as quickly as you’d think. But are they playful? Well, they can be…

Making minis, I tried out a lot of new techniques and got to mix a wide variety of fabrics. And a mini quilt is not a big investment if things don’t go well. l really enjoyed some of these minis. I kind of want to make a big quilt like some of these…especially the geese, in everything Anna Maria Horner.



But, since I made most of these to swap, some of the playfulness was negated by the stress of trying to make something that someone you don’t know would like. Sometimes it was easier than others, but I would say I, at least, cannot be fully playful under these parameters. (Still, it was fun to make a few friends and trade packages of goodies in the mail!)

Also. Mini quilts do not use up much of the fabric stash, and I have a lot of fabric I’d like to use.

So for 2016? I’m sticking with the playing. I need more. And so I think I will be swapping less, and hopefully playing with more fabric — making more throw quilts, baby quilts and maybe even a queen size!




One thought on “Hello 2016!

  1. Amen to play!! Dad and I think you are a ‘famous’ quilter. We enjoy your posts, we enjoy the beautiful quilts that come our way, and we enjoy the relationship with our adult child. (Reading over my shoulder, Dad says, ” What an oxymoron!”) We (really, Dad) wants you to know that whenever you have some gaps in your stash, come on home and help yourself to whatever is statshed here in this home. We will do all possible to support your quilt playfulness.

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