2016 Finish-a-long

I didn’t join any of these finish-em-up things last year, since I’m not super good about actually finishing what I say I will. But. Since I do have four items hanging on since 2014 (yes, 2014), I thought an extra nudge from the community might not be a bad idea. Hence, joining the 2016 Finish-a-long!

Here’s what I want to finish this quarter:

  1. This Wallflowers quilt was supposed to be my husband’s gift Christmas 2014. Now, I must finish it this week for his birthday. Why not? It just needs a binding. USA_5922
  2. This red star quilt was supposed to be my parents’ Christmas gift…maybe Christmas 2013. I’ve had a hard time working on it because of the repetitive nature of its design. And there’s tan. Anyway, it has been basted and ready to be quilted for the past, oh, four months maybe. I want to quilt and bind this next.USA_5918
  3. I started this Quilty Fun quilt in 2014, and it just needs a few more blocks. I have the pieces cut, and I really like the colors, so it would be great to have this finished soon.USA_5929
  4. Around Christmas 2014, I started this Christmas quilt Lori Holt was doing on Instagram, using the blocks from the Quilty Fun book as well as some others she posted. I have quite a few blocks to go.USA_5938

You’ll be happy to know I did not attempt to give anyone a quilty Christmas gift this year, so I did not generate any new unfinished projects. As soon as I finish these, I am sure to have a sense of freedom from unfinished business, and I really can’t wait to start something new.

There are a number of blogs where one can link up to the Finish-a-long, they all go to the same spot.   Linking up here.


4 thoughts on “2016 Finish-a-long

  1. Agreed, finishing projects underway is on my agenda. I don’t blog so linking up is not possible but I will keep reading your posts for encouragement. Your Plus Quilt was yummy looking giving that pattern a place on my have to do list. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. oh you will feel SO good once these are done!! Finishing hubby’s Christmas, I mean birthday quilt this week will encourage you on right!? Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts. This is gonna be fun!

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