Wallflowers Quilt – a finish


Last week, the new year seemed fresh and exciting for all of about 90 minutes. I jotted down some plans that made me chuckle in their optimism and over-ambitiousness. By now, I know there are far more things that I want to do than I can do. Still, I like the way it looks in my notebooks when I imagine I can make a quilt every week. Yes! Now that would make a dent in the stash. But then I come back to reality. I might be able to finish a quilt a month, if I quit looking at blogs and such on the Internet. I mean, I don’t waste time on Pinterest, that site gives me free-radical anxiety and I don’t know why, but I do find myself going down all kinds of crafty rabbit holes sometimes.

Anyway, after 90 minutes of good times, back to reality. I had to face both the un-decorating after Christmas and the unpacking after traveling. And a giant pile of laundry, three times its usual size. Wow, all my favorite things, all at the same time. Escapism. I quilted something instead.


This is the first finish from the FAL quarter 1 list I posted recently. I’ve posted about this Wallflower quilt before (pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew), and I’ve had the quilt top done for quite a while. I was putting off the quilting in hopes that I could improve my free motion quilting enough to try something fun on this one. I wanted to learn FMQ in 2015…kind of didn’t happen. I shall continue to try to learn in 2016. I know it is going to be fun.

In the end, I decided to go with a simple double loop all-over design. It looked great on my practice scraps. But apparently I have no shoulder strength to speak of, so after a short time of quilting, things went from bad to worse as my arms got tired.

The whole thing looks like it was quilted by a drunken sailor, but there are places that I like. So hard to photograph, but the gold one below is the good, the turquoise is the bad.



Keeping it real. It was good practice. I am going to quilt my next top in the same pattern in hopes of getting it right. If nothing else, I’ll take this as a baseline for comparison…hope to see something better by the end of the year.

And this quilt has another favorite Anna Maria Horner print on the back. Happy to have a chance to use that!


Gifting this to my husband for his birthday this week. He’s not picky about the quilting, and he wanted a bigger quilt for when he’s reading on chilly nights (this quilt is 68″ square). And he thinks this is the best quilt so far, so that’s a win.

Even though it was a quilt for a boy, I went with the hot pink binding. I love it so against the white. I asked him if it was okay if his quilt had a pink binding (the whole thing has a lot of pink actually) and he did not mind. When I met him, he hated pink, said he’d never wear a pink shirt. Or necktie. But. Recently I heard him say he looks good in his pink shirt. Hee hee. I have this effect on people, I guess. What are you going to do, living with a pink lover like me, after all…

And don’t worry, I’ve packed up all the Christmas stuff, put the suitcases in the attic, washed the laundry. Now if I could just get someone to fold it…


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9 thoughts on “Wallflowers Quilt – a finish

  1. I may agree with your husband–best job yet on a big quilt. The quilting is fine, the bright binding is fine, also. We think it looks terrific and so do the friends I showed it to today. Luanne took your url for your blog. She loves your writing.

  2. i’ve started seeing this pattern pop up more and more and I think it needs to go on my to-do list. Yours is lovely and I too love that AMH print on the back! Field Study is probably my all time favorite collection of hers.

    1. Thanks, Laurie. It is a fun pattern. I’m thinking about trying her newer one, same block but smaller and closer together. Might be a lot of work though!

  3. It’s lovely! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

    P.S. Next time (and I hope there is a next time!), please could you remember to add a link to your proposed finishes list in your linked finish post so that we can easily find it when verifying whether finishes are eligible for the prize draw? Many thanks!

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