Curated by the kids

USA_6159One Sunday afternoon, I announced that I should rather like to spend the day playing with fabric. My kids immediately said they would like to do so as well. Hmm. Well, okay. They ran to the fabrics and soon had chosen the fabrics they wanted to have sewn up into very specific projects.

My daughter carefully considered many options, sticking to a pink theme, until she came upon a bundle of Heather Ross’ Tiger Lily, at which point she decided she needed most of them. Can’t blame her, they are cute, great colors, too. She wanted a pillow with all hearts, and apples on the back.


My son, on the other hand, was very quick and seemed to have no criteria for his fabric stack. He told me he wanted a very large pillow, hexagons, with a big star in the middle. Hmm, yes. Also, he wanted to sew it himself.

We had a tiny hand sewing craft before Christmas, and no one enjoyed that, so hexagons were out for him. But I managed to talk him into a simpler first project (charm squares pillow), and he quite enjoyed the machine sewing. I had an adorable picture of him sewing, but it seems to have disappeared. But here’s the product. He stuffed it very lightly, the way he likes it.


Each morning, they were asking me, “Mom, have you finished our pillows yet??” Finally, I told them I would have them ready by Valentine’s Day. They were easily finished well before that deadline (but I’m slow in taking the pictures). And here they are:


For the little lady, a heart pillow, based on Cluck Cluck Sew’s Heart Quilt tutorial. I used the same size hearts as in the tutorial, but I just used some scraps I had laying around as the sashing. I think they might have been one inch wide. (I was surprised, the morning after I finished this pillow, to find Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew had just posted the heart pillow all in red! It’s so nice!)


And for the boy, a big pillow…with Knuffle Bunny at the center…and no hexagons. He changed his mind and decided he wanted the same design as the other big pillow I made him a while back. Phew. My hands are all cracked from the winter weather, and I don’t think I could do a hand sewn pillow.


WordPress updated this blog format – I just had to click to apply it. There are a couple things I’m still playing around with, but I like that it is instantly more readable, with a bigger, darker font. That was the one thing I didn’t like before. Hope you enjoy it!


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