Last Mini Quilt (for a while, anyway)


I finished my last mini quilt swap. I think. For now. And so, maybe my last mini as well. Except, I may need one of these for myself.

Anyway, this one was a rainbow mini quilt swap (organized by @katebasti on Instagram). My partner likes Cotton + Steel fabric, black and white and text, so I put them all into this little guy. I love that the text print works as a medium tone/gray.

This mini is one block from the Arcadia Avenue quilt pattern by Sassafras Lane Designs. The whole quilt is paper pieced. The instructions give sizes for fabric cutting, which saves the sanity a bit. Nothing more annoying than cutting a piece of fabric to fit, sewing it on, and then finding that the angles have aligned improperly, and the piece doesn’t fit any more.


I almost didn’t make this pattern because I was worried about the center points (and all the other points) lining up nicely. As you can see, the center points don’t quite match, but I sure tried! But all the other matching points are pretty good, so I’m happy.


Seems to be the theme lately…we have these Cotton + Steel pink apples on the back again. Good thing I bought a big piece on sale. It works with everything. And I did a simple echo quilting, which looks like a neat starburst type thing on the back.


I also received a lovely rainbow mini from Maureen (@sewhappyquilting on Instagram). The quilting is so pretty! I appreciate people who can quilt things I can’t.


Soon I should show you how all the minis I’ve collected this year look on my walls! It’s amazing. But I would have to clean up my room first, heh heh. Soon, friends. Soon.



4 thoughts on “Last Mini Quilt (for a while, anyway)

  1. I think this is a WINNER! It is so lovely; I especially love how the rainbow is ‘broken’. I never noticed your points until you pointed it out. There is so much else to look at. I enjoying seeing what has come your way in the ‘swap.’

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