And some pouches!

I participated in a pouch swap on Instagram that recently finished. I’m now really done with all the swapping. For this swap, we had to send a pouch and three extras. But I couldn’t decide on a pouch, so I sent three pouches and an extra. Ha! Not really. I did make three pouches, but I still sent a few extras.


The first: an open wide pouch from Noodlehead’s free tutorial. You’ve seen many here and there and everywhere. This time I added a pom-pom trim. And my partner likes sheep, so I had an excuse to buy some of the cute new Cotton + Steel lamb fabric.


Then I made two small pouches that don’t open wide. One is kind of quilt-as-you-go, with a sheep. I’ve seen a tutorial for this type of thing at s.o.t.a.k. handmade, although I might not have been remembering it perfectly (any problems are my own doing).


The other is a cassette tape pouch (a free paper piecing pattern by Sewing Under Rainbow). I thought the cassette pouch would be cassette sized, (although that is pretty small, now that I think of it), but it was actually much bigger. I sized down to 75%. 50% would probably have been about the size of an actual cassette tape. I think I need one myself!


I received a cute pouch in return from @angela.bacon on IG. Adorable hexies that I didn’t have to make.


I’m hoping to finish five quilts by the end of the month:  three old ones that I said I would finish for the Finish-a-long first quarter, a new baby quilt for a friend’s shower next weekend, and another new one that I figured we had to have right now. But the finishes are not going well, so we’ll see. It is Holy Week, and I’ve got lots of extra duties, and I even agreed to cook for three or four different gatherings. Although I like cooking, cooking for gatherings makes me nervous. I like to try new dishes all the time, and my family and I are generally fine with a high failure rate. I’ve never really bothered to perfect a dish. Oh well. At least I’ve packed it all into a one week span, so I can move on after that. April and May should be nice and productive, before we move into the Memorial Day – July 4 session, which is always just one big, long barbecue. See you soon!


4 thoughts on “And some pouches!

  1. Love the patchwork on the pouches! You used to love sheep, too. Did you make and sheepy things for yourself?

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