Sea Creatures Baby Quilt – Planning

Friends of ours are having their first baby soon, so of course, a baby quilt is in order. I love baby quilts. The size is so manageable.


For the backing, my friend picked out this print featuring sea animals (hello, narwhal!). It is kind of gender neutral, which she likes, even though they know they are having a boy.


At first, I thought of doing a plus quilt with the colors from the sea animal print (see the helpful crab characters in the selvage?). After I cut out all the squares, I found that…I hated it. It was too bright, even for me. I rearranged, and liked it better in rainbow lines, but it was still too bright, I’m sure, for my friend. Especially with such a colorful backing fabric.


Now, I’ve decided to go with some neutral background with large hexagons and 60-degree triangle hexagons (made with the Hex N More ruler I bought some time back but haven’t used yet). I’m thinking maybe a couple rows down one side? Lots of white space (or another solid/neutral). I’m thinking about these colors, mostly blues and greens with a few pops of brights.


One thought on “Sea Creatures Baby Quilt – Planning

  1. You colors ‘match’ the backing well. I agree there is something off. I’d take out the pinks, put in a couple more dark turquoise, and go lighter on the light turquois, and hunt in your stash for some of that ‘dirty’ or dark lime. I’d l keep a little orange. Also, think about a grey “steel’ for a blender or border/sashing. Just saying….. Can ‘t wait to see your final creation. Is this for Joanna?

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