FAL Quarter 2


Well, I survived all the recent cooking events (with a little help from my friends), but I did not finish the five quilts I had hoped to get to before the end of March. I knew it was a long shot, what with Holy Week and all the cooking…I made some progress though! Look at all these things ready for quilting:


I had four quilts on my first quarter Finish-a-long list, but I only finished ONE of them, and that was back in January. Sad. So the other three shall roll over into the second quarter Finish-a-long list.

  1. The red and tan quilt that has been waiting its day in the sun SO PATIENTLY.USA_5918
  2. The 2014 Quilty Fun blocks are now a top, and await quilting.IMG_1534
  3. The Quilty Christmas blocks have seen no progress yet. Still just blocks.USA_5938

And to that, I will add two more quilts that are ready for quilting:

4. A chick quilt that was supposed to be for Easter but might also be good for spring and should therefore move to the top of the list before it is not spring anymore.IMG_1532

5. A baby quilt for a friend whose baby is supposed to arrive in May. Sea creatures for baby!IMG_1533

And some other stuff:

6. Two bags I’ve cut outIMG_1537

7. A bear paw quilt for a friend. I’ve gathered these fabrics and even pre-washed, since there’s a lot of black fabric here – I’d hate for it be inky.IMG_1536

8. A quilt for a different friend’s family. I’ve been holding on to this fabric and drafted up some ideas. It cannot sit on the shelf any longer.IMG_1538

So there you go. Eight hopes. Even though I only did one of the four last time, I don’t feel bad doubling my list this time around. Heh heh. I hope you will see some of these finished soon.

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