Sea creatures baby quilt

Today we have a little finished quilt, made for a friend’s baby.USA_7276

My friend picked out the sea animal fabric, which features on the front and is also the backing.USA_7270

I had a few different ideas for the quilting, all angular, but made a last minute change to include these swaying lines and reflect the movement of the sea. I didn’t like it at first, but I do like the finished effect. The quilting is not very dense, to keep things soft for baby.


I was thinking these hexagons with the sea creatures would be like portholes looking into the sea. I enjoyed working with these colors and the hexagons, but I’m not totally satisfied with the design overall. If I did it again, I would make ALL the hexagons be like the orange one below — a feature of the animal fabric with a border one of a variety of colors. I think that would be more cohesive. (Honestly, I’m tempted to do it still, even though this is already quilted…)


Here’s to many happy days of tummy time!

This is my second finish on my FAL Q2 list!


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